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Switching To Dart

I gave a talk at the 2015 Dart Developer Summit about a topic I am very passionate about: productivity. Here’s the video:

Why JavaScript Fatigue is a real problem

In short, our team switched from a TypeScript codebase after experiencing JavaScript fatigue** - exhaustion from validating and betting on a vast number of tools and packages that constantly change. Often, these tools can be combined, but aren’t designed to work together. It’s rare to see two teams using the same set of tools.

Why Dart is better

Using Dart shifted the focus away from tools and libraries and allowed us to work on the right things. This shift in focus made us more effective, and I would argue this increase in effectiveness is simply more fun and challenging. When a team member spends hours fighting a tooling issue (or a language issue for that matter), not only is it a waste of time, it’s hugely frustrating. Dart made us better by simply getting out of the way and allowing us to write great code.